Peony Sconce
 Porcelain flower lights.   
 Lighted porcelain flowers on pexiglass box.
 Flowers on a lighted plexiglass box. Measures 12" X 12".  Other sizes and styles available. 
Lighted Pods
Porcelain Pods
Organic Shapes
Organic Shapes
 Pierced porcelain votive, 3" x 3", glazed.
 Pierced porcelain votive candleholders. 2" x2".  Many sizes and shapes available. 
 Porcelain lanterns emit a warm candlelight glow.  Unglazed on the outside with a clear glaze inside. These are 3" X 3" and 2" X 2".  Other sizes and colors available. Can also be made as light pendants.
 Porcelain votive detail
Light box
Light box. Made to order to you size specifications. Porcelain on perspex.
 This candleholder is made from pinched porcelain clay and finished with silky matt white glaze.  Measures approximately 6" wide x 4" tall.  These can also be made as pendant lights.
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