Syra Gomez is a ceramic artisan who specializes in interior accessories and site-specific installations for wall and ceiling applications. Her experience as a jewelry designer for over 20 years influences her outcomes in refreshingly creative ways. While she still creates a unique line of jewelry she is principally interested in porcelain wall & ceiling sculpture projects. 

Syra’s work combines depth and subtlety. Her organic shapes and elaborately detailed installations made up of hundreds of ceramic pieces seem to float and grow off the surfaces they inhabit. A single piece is as beautiful as the whole group, just as in nature.

Syra has always been enthralled with the intricate details found in our natural environment from which she gains endless inspiration. “Most of my work is influenced by nature, and its graceful interplay between patterns and textures”.

If you ask Syra, she will willingly say she is not an artist, she will say she is a skilled collaborator whose design process leads to the execution of a sculptural form that is the shared vision of the client, designer and herself. 

The pieces are mostly wall mounted, small to mid-scale installations.  Each work is custom made to the needs of the project.  

Syra Gomez lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

“Beautiful… preparations were incredibly well thought through - it was such a joy to work with you…”


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